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Board of Directors

F.H. King is directed by a nine-member board of UW undergraduate and graduate students. Board members are required to serve one-year terms but encouraged to stay two years. The F.H. King board of directors is nonhierarchical — each director has a significant degree of independence, board members are held accountable by each other, and major decision making is decentralized. Our non-hierarchical structure makes us more flexible and resilient and addresses the problem of turnover, the need for accountability, and the importance of empowerment.

All members of the F.H. King Board of Directors share certain responsibilities, including assisting with programming and events, volunteering in the garden, and participating in major events. All Directors must attend weekly board meetings and office hours, as well as quarterly Mission & Vision sessions, and participate in quarterly peer evaluations.

Current Board Members

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Farm Director
Dani Maria Adams-Valenzuela

Farm Director
Clare Tynan

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Eren (She/Her)

Eren is a junior studying Environmental Science and Conservation Biology with a certificate in Food Systems. She was born and raised in Milwaukee, which is also where she first encountered urban agriculture on a field trip to Will Allen's "Growing Power" farm. Eren is passionate about making agriculture accessible and fun for all people, no matter where they live and how much space they have. In the future, she hopes to engage with ecology and agriculture through a research or government position. When she's not at the farm, you can find her helping with jumping worm research at the UW Arboretum, or trying recipes from other F.H. King members!


Urban Ag Director
Eren Wolf

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Urban Ag Director
Marion McKinney


Rachel is a junior studying Environmental Studies and Zoology. She is from Illinois where she grew up spending a lot of time outside. Super passionate about the environment, she knows it is crucial to educate and inform the community about sustainable practices to better our planet. She is eager to learn more about sustainable food systems and incorporate that into her own life while also informing the Madison community. In the future, Rachel hopes to have a career involving environmental preservation, where she is dedicated to an establishment that is focused on mitigating climate change. Besides working with F.H. King, Rachel loves painting, cycling, and spending time with people.


Rachel (She/Her)
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Joya (She/Her)

Joya (she/her) is a junior studying Health Promotion and Health Equity and Community and Environmental Sociology with certificates in African Cultural Studies and Environmental Studies. She gained an interest in agriculture by being exposed to the herbal healing practices passed down from her mother and spending time in her family’s garden. Joya is passionate about the ways we can use nature as healing, and the benefits the natural world can have on overall wellness. She hopes that one day, everyone can have access to natural resources needed for survival and have the knowledge to holistically sustain themselves and the ecosystems around them. In her free time, Joya loves to spend hours crate digging, watching old films, and writing.


Education Director
Rachel French

Programming Director
Joya Headley


Finance Director:
Coming soon

Outreach Director
Sagen Lily Quale


Administrative Director
Raina Hess

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